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You may see a dialog warning you that the table inserted rows into the worksheet — this is absolutely fine.

Your chart should have already updated to include the new entry on its X-axis.

However, creating complex charts in Excel can be intimidating, so it’s easy to end up settling for simple charts which require a lot of work to maintain.

Charts help shorten the decision-making process, as we can immediately see our results and where we need to make changes.

To add more data, simply add another line at the bottom of your existing chart.

Since my Date column dictates the values on the X-axis of my chart, I’ll start there.

Of course, I could do this manually — I’d just have to lay out my date in the same format as preceding rows.Lay out your information, double-check that every column has a sensible header, and you’ll be ready for the next step..Rather than just making your data look neat and tidy, they help you group information together.Charts to choose what kind of visualization to use.The correct chart will depend on what kind of data you’re working with. This allows me to compare several different columns worth of data in one chart, and it works very well with automated updates.

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