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Her infectious can-do attitude is evident from the moment she greets me brightly at the door, wearing an elegant dress, with her hair swept back.

Despite knowing her height (5ft 10in), I find her taller than I expected and slimmer, too.

's annual "Hot Issue" and the magazine has appropriately dubbed her the "Heartbreak Kid." The 22-year-old singer flashes an uncharacteristically come-hither look in the cover shot, showing off her stems in short shorts, paired with a white blouse and leather varsity jacket.

Swift may have graduated from high school long ago, but her current boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, 18, is a high school student at Deerfield Academy boarding school. It's an interesting way to spin something into a story.

‘I worry about everything all the time,’ she says with a grin.

Her removal of her back catalogue from Spotify resulted in the music-streaming company’s CEO, Daniel Ek, justifying its entire business model.

‘I didn’t think it was going to be international news or affect a public offering,’ she claims.

She spent her early years on a Christmas-tree farm run as a side business by her parents.

Her father, Scott, is a wealth management adviser with Merrill Lynch; her mother, Andrea, worked at a mutual fund before becoming a full-time mother to Taylor and her younger brother, Austin.

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‘If I have an opinion on something, I act accordingly – and I believe music is valuable.’ She ponders whether she’ll be the last person ever to sell this many records.

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