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She went on to teach for Joan Myers Brown’s PHILDANCO!

What is certain is that after her time at ABT, Kimball became a successful soloist in the ’90s with German and Dutch companies. Kimball, whose full name is Nora Koito-Kimball Mentzos, is also Asian-American.

She dropped out, but a few years later, in 1957, she became a member of the New York Negro Ballet.

She danced several important roles as the company toured the world, but when its patron died unexpectedly, the company was forced to close.

In a 2016 article, she commented on how African American accomplishments are often covered by the media: “I’ve noticed – and it’s not just with dance, it’s not just with me, it’s not just with Misty – but it seems like there can only be one doing this at a time … Today, she commissions portraits, like the one shown in her own neighborhood and others like it.

And actually, there have been quite a few dancers of color that have done principal roles.” Ash joined the New York City Ballet at 18 and has since performed internationally in solo and principal roles. The sale of the portraits benefit The Swan Dreams Project, an organization which works to dismantle stereotypes placed on black women.

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