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This calls to mind pictures of Syrians on Egyptian monuments, represented wearing a cord around their long, flowing hair, a custom still followed in Arabia.

and it is strongly suggested that a Jew is required to cover his head at all times.Much more common was the simple cloth skullcap, dating back to Egyptian times when those of high society routinely shaved their heads, to prevent lice.Conversely, their skullcaps then served as protection against irritation from their wigs.Often the color and fabric of the kippah can be a sign of adherence to a specific religious movement.Knitted or crocheted kippot, known as kippot serugot, tend to be worn by Religious Zionists and the Modern Orthodox, More recently, kippot have been observed made in the colors of sports teams, especially football.

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  1. Although there are some Asian Americans who question whether the book and movie accurately reflects Asian American life, no one can deny that it shifted significant attention to the outstanding work among Asian American writers.